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Help this NEWB with mastering demo 
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Hi All:

I am trying to finish up my Daughter's Bands first original song.

I am new to all of this recording stuff, but learning. I am running Samplitude x3 Pro suite and I also have Ozone Elements 8.

Any way late last night I finally got the song to where it could be used as a demo......So I rendered it to a WAVE file.....I then pulled that wave file into a new project and applied OZONE elements to the wave.......then I burned it to CD so we could listen and the band could listen to it.....

Anyway....sounded great in studio and on small cd player in kitchen....BUT, when I got it in teh car stereo and cranked it is very obviously TOO HOT as it is running into distortion on teh loud parts.

So, I will try to fix it on weekend.....I guess one thing to do is make sure I get the loudest part of track for Elements to sample......also I guess I could go into the maximizer part of ozone and turn down the gains (?in vs out?)

Any tips and help would certainly be appreciated.


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Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:30 am
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If youre using the mastering assistant in Ozone, maybe go for CD low or Streaming.
Also, make sure the bitrates & whatnot are what they should be.
You said you rendered to wav first, so make sure Those levels arent too high or low... And that theyre the bitrates you want. Also, check to make sure your I/O's are probably at zero.

Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:07 pm
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