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Monitors for more than $200 
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Whats a good bang for buck monitor? My buddy is looking to get some. I always recommend the Yamaha 8" for $350/each.

Anything a better value proposition? I use m-audio 5" and love them. But don't know if i can recommend their 8" for $250/each.

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Thu May 17, 2018 8:20 pm
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i'm a big fan for the mackie MR's-- but i can't say about the MR8's. the 5's have served me really well- and even though i moved on to hs80's, they still see daily service for listening...

i really like KRK rockits for a less expensive monitor-- and the 6 comes in at around 200 bux a piece. the JBL MSRs have always SOUNDED super solid to me, they just feel cheapie as hell- but you can find the 8"ers for $150 each new (!) doesn't seem to stop 'em being good tools- and if i were really broke, i'd consider 'em for sure.

man, all the maudios i've tried sound super bloated and slow in the bottom, which makes me nuts.

Fri May 18, 2018 12:26 am
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I just spent some time at GC demoing all their monitors because my old Mackie HR824's are dying. My GC only has cheaper stuff, so Yamaha HS8 and Mackie MR8 were the most expensive at $350 each.
My favorites:
1. JBL 308P - at $250 each, these are a steal, they are a very articulate speaker but the low end lacks a bit, like there's a scoop in the lower mids. Adding a Sub would really help to balance the system.
2. Adam Audio T7V - $250 each, very full sounding, almost the opposite of the 308P. Felt like there was a low mid spike. These will sound great, but I don't know how well mixes will translate due to the low mids exaggeration.
3. Yamaha HS8 - $350 each, Nice well rounded speaker, but the top end felt brittle (maybe after some break in that would smooth out) and it didn't feel very complimentary towards the mix (which could be good or bad depending on your mixing style).
4. Mackie MR8 - $350 each, kinda like the Adam T7V monitors, really full sounding, like the low end was exaggerated.
5. KRK Rokit 8 - $250 each, Decent speaker, the highs sounded muffled so I didn't spend much time with them. Not bad though.

Those were my top 5 cheap monitors. I ended up spending a bit more and bought some Focal Alpha 8 monitors that should arrive today.

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