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Need help with songwriting/theory 
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Hey guys. I think I've had some good luck writing songs lately and getting music out, but as always, I'm looking for ways to improve and move forward. I'm not trying to write jazz/fusion by any means, but I think it would be a good idea to work on and learn more progressions and some theory behind them. That being said, are there any books or videos you guys would recommend for this? Just curious if there's anything out there that can help an intermediate at best like me get through. I do know some theory to begin with and have a good idea of the fretboard and know my circle of 5ths. Just trying to see what other tools I can add to arsenal to help my composition.

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Try 4 note chords if your into that sort of thing... There are also extensions like 9, 11, and 13 chords, but you said you weren't trying to write jazz/ fusion so I don't know how much that'll help you :lol: I would also read up on chord qualities as well.

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Guys like to recommend the Musician's Institute Theory book for general theory. It seems good.

I would google "diatonic triads (chords) in major key" and also "diatonic triads in minor key" and read up on that for a minute. Then I would look up "harmonic chord progression chart" so that you have a map as to which sequences of chord changes are "correct" according to the established "rules" of tonal harmony. This way you have all the basic framework and understanding for 99.99% of all chord progressions that have ever been used in music. However, even after just doing that first part you will probably be able to intuitively start finding "correct" chord progressions since we've been so deeply programmed to already hear and understand these things.

If you want to get crazy at some point look into key modulations. I modulate relatively frequently in the middle of songs in ways you might not notice that there was a key change. This way I can switch from say D natural minor melodic leads into D Dorian melodic leads and come back around to the D natural minor but throw the blues scale in to complete the "." loop.

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Also, I hate to bring this to light considering there are some feelings in this thread, but you misspelled "disappointed".

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