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A rhythm-section thread 
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It was about 30 years ago that I realized I am a rhythm-section player, specifically a bassist. The band was so DIY we didn't have drums to start -- my girlfriend thrashed out the beat on a telephone book. (She shredded the thing.) The guitarist was learning her instrument while writing songs, and I found that a bass player can help turn a beginner into a viable songwriter. You can shift things subtly from down there. Subsequent bands introduced me to better drummers and a conviction that the rhythm section is a calling more than a job. To do it right, you have to live in a mental space that some guitarists can grasp but not all. Often my drummers & I wound up speaking in a gutteral code of our own. The results were good, although the bands weren't. We were serving the beat; not all of my bandmates were.

My present project is a church band with two professional musicians. I'm still trying to get the good rhythm-section ESP going with our drummer. We can achieve it for seconds at a time. I've found that when we are best in sync, I can't hear him anymore. Wondered if anyone else has had that experience. Also any tips on how to develop that ESP are welcome... actually, anything rhythm-section-related would be fun.
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Welcome to the fold brother!!! This is the best guitar/amp forum on the interwebznet!!! :rawk:
Dude! We need more bass players on the forum.

Out-of-body experiences occurring during jam sessions? Sounds AWESOME!
Man, I wish I could do it on command! :lol:

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