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Mutah's Pickup and Pedal Purge (and a speaker too!) 
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Hey guys,

Just trying to clear out some stuff that I don't need right now, especially with my kid on the way. Nothing super crazy here, but I figured someone might be interested in something. A lot of these don't have pics right now. I'll get some up later today.

Motor City Black Belt/2nd Degree Black Belt set: I got these off Reverb about a month ago. Solid pickups, but definitely in the vintage/PAF voice range. Excellent clarity and snarl. Just not my bag. Probably would do well in a LP style guitar versus the San Dimas I put them in. Leads are intact and haven't been cut any further. 10" on the bridge pup and 14" on the neck pup. 2 conductor with shielded braid wire. I've got them listed for $200 shipped/pp'ed. You can see the listing here: I'll put some real pics up later. GABros can get $20 off just by buying through here. SOLD ON REVERB. THESE BE GONE. Not really looking to split up this set as they're more or less matched.

Seymour Duncan 59s: I have a 59 neck and a 59 bridge pickup. Both have gold plated covers. They've been played and the covers have aged some. I'll get some pics up later. For the life of me I can't remember what wiring the bridge is, but the neck is 2 conductor. $100 for the set shipped/pp'ed.. These I will split up if need be. $50 per pickup.

Boss DD-6: Digital Delay. Stereo output/input. Precursor to the DD-7. Unlike the DD-7 it does not have an extension jack for a tap tempo pedal. Tap mode is accessible by holding down the pedal's switch while active to go into tap mode. LED alternates between green and red. Has the standard delay modes, reverse, hold and WARP. $70 OBO shipped/pp'ed.

Boss PH-3. Phaser unit with multiple steps/functions/sounds. This is a really fun pedal. For my phase needs though, I prefer my MXR Phase 90. $60 shipped/pp'ed

Avatar Hellatone A50. 50 watt Alnico speaker. Manufactured by Misco for Avatar (these guys also manufacture Tone Tubby speakers). It's got a total of 20 hours or so play time on it. Meant to compete with Celestion's Gold Alnico. I can't say it sounds exactly like it, but it does have that alnico chime and depth. Had these in my AC30 for a while before I went back to Greenbacks and then ultimately traded that amp away. $125 shipped/pp'ed

I will post up pictures tonight if I can.

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